.Rotterdam (NL) -Schaffhausen (CH)

Start: Rotterdam. 2010.07.19  10:00
I was picked by a girl. Alright, She was pretty cool. Doesnt matter that she dropped me far away from the highway..
Apeldoorn. Had no clue what was that. Seemed like a small village and came an idea that woohoo after 100 kilometers I was already stuck. Police came. Some freaky called them and told about my hitch-hiking. No worries. Cause I know its allowed. Still staying in petrol station. Got a ride to the closest normal highway.
Nijmegen. No talking in a car. Hard working man. I guess he didnt want to talk as well. Lucky me!  Dropped me in a ring..no chance to catch a car. So lunch time! And finally got a lift through the border NL-D.
Wesel. Smoking and coffee time. And then soon in a car going to Essen. But that was not my plan. But too late. Already in a TOWN of Essen.. So the deal was that I wait in a restaurant ( everything for my order is paid)  till `my driver No°?` comes from the appointment. I did. Coffee was not so bad. City as well. So one hour and a half wasted..or..not.
Frankfurt am Main. Got there. Also got a pilgrims book as a memory. And many promises to get a job next summer in NL. Hoho.. Anyway, I was happy, cause in a half of day I had been done almost half of my way. No worries to stay somewhere overnight. I lost my senses and took everything as an adventure. It was like sport. You are hungry and cant stop. So. Two young guys. Was strange to get into the car and then listen loudly to the music instead of talking. But I was also tired of telling my stories several times in a row. Ok, our conversation started, cause they listened to Manu Chao and I told I liked it as well. After I found them pretty nice.
Mannheim. Terrible petrol station. Cause full of entrances and exits, so couldnt decide which one to choose. Got darker. A Polish couple suggested to stay in their truck over the night. That was nice of them (even if I hate Polish). It was warm enough to stay there sitting on the sidewalk and wait till the morning. I changed my route. And got into Italians car, who was going to Milan. I remember it was my ninth car..I was tired and verrry happy that I cant speak Italian. Yeah…He took me to Basel!!!!
Basel. Yes. Finally I was in Swiss..and I felt that. I was just after the border. Petrol station was empty. At least it could have worked. But no. So. I chose one table and sat there. Ate and smoked. And I met one traveler. He left Amsterdam at the same time when I was leaving Rotterdam. And He was going to Milan. As I got from the car which was going towards there. Funny. The night was short. I was too lazy to start my trip again. It was very hot, I felt sleepy and my talker left at 10:00. I started at 12:00..got a car at 14:00.. The man was really nice one, spoke in English very well..but I dont remember what about. I was almost sleeping…
Zürich. Also shitty place. Nobody knows where that Schaffhausen is.. Slept for 1.5 hour. Still very hot. Then decided to write one towns name between Zürich and Schaffhausen. It worked. And the first ride with the truck!
Winterthur. Finally I was picked by familiar person..
Finish: Schaffhausen. 2010.07.20 18:30.


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